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    Hi everyone,
    I'm bipolar and have Metobolic X Sydrome (Insulin Resistance). The last few days I've been exhausted and sleepy and extremely irritated. I want to punch everyone in the face if they so much as look at me. :whack::wacko: I have NEVER been violent and usually I'll have a few hours of feeling aggravated and it passes, but this seems different. I have a great job (insurance agent/don't hate me) and just got a big promotion. I am so aggravated by everyone around me and don't want to come to work. Lately I wish I could just curl up in a ball and never wake up. AND I've been wishing for some terrible disease or an accident so I don't have to come to work on a regular basis. What the hell is wrong with me??? I'll be sitting at my desk or driving to or from work and just cry for no reason! :blub:It pisses me off and makes me more aggravated. My doctor recently took me off Effexor b/c I was doing so good. I'm only on Lamictal for bipolar now. I have started taking thyroid medicine and metobolic meds, but I've been on them for a month now and these feelings are recent. Should I call my Psychiatrist and ask if I should get back on the Effexor? Only problem is... I can NOT miss work. We are extremely busy and with my new promotion, I need to prove myself. I can't miss work to go to the Dr. :argh: Any suggestions?
    :sigh: :blub::rant::WTF:
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    Can you not just phone your doc and talk to him explain what is happening and see if he will give you script for effexor without seeing him hugs