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I convinced myself that for the past year I was over my depression. I stopped harming myself, and my grades went back up and it felt like everything was alright. I think I am starting to realize that I was just ignoring things, not actually getting better. Slowly I started sleeping at least twelve hours a day, many times more. Instead of harming myself I would do things like donate blood, not to do something good but to watch the blood drain out of me. I have low blood sugar too, so many times I would end up passing out afterwards. I started peircing my ears, letting them heal over and peircing them agian so that I felt like I wasn't hurting myself, but just doing the normal teenager thing. Nightmares have started up agian, and most nights I end up crying for hours before I can actually sleep. I have been taking my anger out on myself on other people and lashing out. I don't know if I should start seeing my psychologist and/or psychiatrist agian. Talking never really helped, and I've been on four different medications, most of which just made things worse. It's scary to feel myself falling in this abyss agian, I find myself laying around all day doing nothing and the thing is, I don't have the energy to do anything. It's difficult to get out of bed, let alone do other things. I don't know how to fix this when I'm too tired, too worn out.


I'm really sorry you are feeling like this. I can relate only to a certain degree and can only imagine the pain you are feeling. I'm not really sure what you should do if talking doesn't really help and you've already tried meds. Is there anything that is making you feel like this all of a sudden? I'm sorry I don't really have any advise but I hope you feel better soon


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Sorry you feel so low again. It actually might be a good idea to start with some counseling again, a new therapist and or psychiatrist actually might find meds for you that actually will make you feel better. Dont give up hope, it took me for years to find the right combination of meds, this one doctor just found the right combo and im feeling great now. DONT GIVE UP HUN!! sending lots of love, feel free to pm me anytime, beret xxx
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