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  1. Random

    Random Well-Known Member


    Get a job
    Lazy slob

    That's easy for you to say
    You don't feel this way.
    Every day doesn't begin with dismay
    For you.

    Is it a joke?
    You spoke
    This is why folks drink, drug and smoke

    But you don't think
    You just blink

    Well I don't fit
    And I can't quit
    Not even for a bit.
    You won't have it.

    Let me slap that stupid grin off your face.
    You're the only one smiling in this rotten place.

    That's all you have
    You think it's because you worked hard.
    That's bullshit, my friend.
    You were lucky.
    You are lucky.
    But put down the gavel
    You've got a long ways to travel
    If you think you're helping me with that mindless psychobabble

    You need to step into these well worn shoes
    And you could, perhaps see that my agony is hardly a ruse
    But no.
    Because I'm me and you're you.

    So enjoy your life.
    Ignore the strife
    Or hug your wife
    And pretend you don't see
  2. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    Oooh, nice. =)

    Good concept.
  3. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    Thanks :smile:

    I ain't great with poetry but I manage to pound out some halfway decent rhymes sometimes.
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