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  1. nessa456

    nessa456 Active Member

    I haven't been able to leave my house for 3 weeks due to agoraphobia which tends to always develop when my depression takes hold

    I was wondering what's the longest time other people haven't been able to leave their home

    My Dr said I don't need to leave the house at the moment while I'm recovering from the depression but i will need
    to go for a Dr's appointment next week to get more medication and a therapy appointment the week after

    As my depression is caused by not being able to cope with how I feel a lot of people react to me ie negatively, it's
    like a vicious circle

    People say go for a walk to help lift depression but if when you go for a walk you are reminded that a lot of people think you are weird/unattractive, how is that meant to make you feel better? - it often makes me feel worse and
    I am always semi-agoraphobic and avoidant of people generally, it becomes full-blown agoraphobia when my depression coems back, as it inevitably does as when stupidly come off my tablets. Whenever I come out of a depression I swear to myself that I'll never stop taking my tablets ever again then I end up doing it - I just never seem to learn!

    I can go out when I feel stong minded enough to cope with peoples' negative judgements of me but at the moment I feel too mentally weak to do it
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hugs to you try just going outside in back yard for a bit ok If you are still not strong mentally perhap staying close to home is best. I too say those words i will never go off meds again so i understand where you are coming from. I hope the meds start having positive affect soon hun hugs
  3. Sea Sparkles

    Sea Sparkles Well-Known Member

    I'm so sorry your going threw this... I suffer from Agoraphobia, I understand the cycle well... Have you seen a therapist? CBT? There are A LOT of self help books and audio's that are sooo useful. (they have helped me so much!)

    You also sound like you have Social anxiety disorder. which in extremes can lead to Agoraphobia.

    The only thing that helps is exposing it... I got a dog and took him for walks around places people aren't normally around.. if I went in area's walking people where at, I had a hoody and wore it down for awhile.. slowly I was able to not wear as many lawyers of clothing, and realized-- people don't care about that kind of stuff and mind to themselves.

    It took awhile, and it's a cycle, even though I know this info, I can't ever seem to keep it in my head..

    The only thing you can do is to keep working on it

    :hug: feel better soon.
  4. “exposure therapy” consisting of my day sitting outside for an hour. Its what I recently decided to do to densense myself to others and people. I cannot, step outside or leave the house without getting ridiciouled humiliated and bullied from people. The same people that caused his isolation and agoraphobia by leaving me alone to rott, even when my parent had passed away, no one was supportive and it was too much for me to stand and take on my own. I dont deal or cope with being alone.
    I’ve been indoors or in my room for 679 days now. Not for halloween not EVER have I left. It does get easier though, my goal personal one is to do this everyday so again I get used to or the exposure of said people that give me ptsd flashbacks bullying and become numb or no longer in chronic pain over it. Even month seeing a student/teenage I almost cried I could barely open my mouth, wanted the usual flee response and so many memories of the usual verbal abuse taunting and isolation of my highschool years and ones like her that encouraged it without a care. Apart of agoraphobia, its lonely being alone, but its worse leaving the house for me. I hate being outside.

    Last note I have to make, Therapy does not cure those with social anxiety/agoraphobia. Pills have side affects. Be careful and research.
  5. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    NOt all meds work the same on all people some medication do help decrease social anxiety to the point one can go outside and not have panic attacks
    With therapy and medication there is a better chance of healing YOu cannot go by what happens to others hun because the medicaiton may notwork for one but for another it is a god send Your research like said and you talk to your doctor ok because he or she is trained in that knowledge
  6. Sea Sparkles

    Sea Sparkles Well-Known Member

    It's good your finally getting the steps outside and at least sitting outside for an hour, but you need to KEEP exposing yourself, going further ... taking walks, weekly trips to the store, even if it's just to buy ONE thing.

    Yes, therapy DOES cure Agoraphobia and for the most part makes anxiety cope able (depending on how bad, MOST people can have a 100% recovery!!!) And can live a normal life. Medication is just a bandaid for most with just anxiety / depression problems... We need to figure out what is causing the problem and hot to uproot/ get rid of it...

    Each time you do something that makes you scared, and you KEEP doing it, (slowly working up to something big!) you become immune to it, and you don't panic as much, and you keep doing it.

    Sure, some people can find that out themselves, that comes in with Audio books, self help books, eating right and healthy living... BUT sometimes people need a bit more, or can't handle putting that all together themselves, so they need a therapist.

    As Total Eclipse has said, not all meds work for all people.
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