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Ah wtf.....

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Bad day/night... Ok.. so I get up at like 10am start revisng for an exam at 4:30pm... gets to about 3pm without a break and I've finished, look online to check seat number and room. This is when i suddenly notice that the time of the exma was in fact 13:00... I just think.. shit... and realise I totally missed it, start e-mailing peiple and laguing about how much of a retard i am.. anyway ended up oing out tongiht on spur of the moment, now had bout 14 shots of vodka 4 beers and feel shit, it's 6am. Way too drunk, shoulder hurts from a bad breakfall in the street, why is nobody online! lol.... ahhh I think i should sleep now, night night xxx


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I'm sorry you missed your exam.....it is quite a human error that happens. Does not make you feel better, but still. Bet you could ace it anyways.
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