Ah yes. Blame the victim...

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    A "friend" of mine told me it was my fault that I got involved with an abusive psycho. I told this "friend" that in the beginning there wasn't even a hint of aggression in the man and I thought he was a nice guy. Things just started escalating. I told my "friend" that I refused to take responsibility for what happened.

    The next time I see this... "friend" I'm going to explain the difference between true friendship and people that just pity you. I've only kept this "friend" around because I pity him. He really has no real friends and people avoid him as if he has leprosy. Gee I wonder why...

    I really don't need people like this in my life. I feel bad for him and he does have some good qualities but that was totally uncalled for.

    I feel like screaming.
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    it isn't your fault that you got involved with someone abusive. at first an abusive person will play the smooth talking, sweet, loveable guy and once you get "settled" in thats when they lash out. So as for your friend he's just moronic. The next time you see him kick him where it counts and tell him it's for being an insensitive jackass. I think that you should delete him from your life because clearly he's not a true friend and clearly not a positive person in your life. Take care hun be safe

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    Thank you Kells!
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    Hey there.

    I agree that your "friend" has been quite insensitive...I'm assuming that what he/she was getting at was that he/she might have told you before you became involved with this individual that this person was wrong for you. "Friends" tend to do that. Whatever. Trust me whan I say they can be so wrong.

    He/she may have been trying to tell you that this is a pattern with you. Is it? Or was this person just being a dick? :)

    Also, since you are here, be careful what you say, as you know what effect that can have on people. Telling this person that you just feel sorry for them might feel good at the time, but could ultimately really hurt that person, so be careful and take care of you.
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    youre welcome Z(im only putting one bc im too tired to count how many there are) lol. Anytime you need to talk I'm here to listen. :hug: