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  1. Axiom

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    i want a fucking time machine!!
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  3. ~CazzaAngel~

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    Me too :( :hug: if you'd like to talk about it, we're here :)
  4. Is This It

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    get drunk be happy
  5. Is This It

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    please ignore my last comment I am drunk and acting stupid
  6. Axiom

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    Thanks for the replies. Sorry, not used to talking with people anymore, I just am so used to feeling endless waves of thoughts and feelings that are so eratic.. just want my focus back. my will .. ive lost it. but i know i want more but i cant feel my will anymore.. i donno if that makes sense to anyone.. its a horrible feeling, but i cant even feel remorse about that. its as if my will has been severd from me.. scarey, stale and makes me sad at the people i have to let go and the life i cant have
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  7. TheBLA

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    Shoot, all of us could use a time machine pretty badly couldn't we not?