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    sorry just had to get that out
    my dad drives me crazy.
    so im 16 right my dad left when i was 8.
    i dont normaly see him al year long but normaly see him at christmas...
    this year my brother text him asking him if we where going to see him this year and my brother told me that he said no. then i was borrowing my brothers phone and i acidently clicked on the wrong text and read it and it said that he didnt no and that he might be busy by this time in was about a week before christmas and so i didnt no what to do do i text him and ask him if where seeing him or what i ended up talking to someone on here about it and they said that they thought i should text him. so i ended up texting him asking him if we were going to be seeing him this christmas and he said that he doesnt no coz they might have visiters (he lives with his parents) and i text back saying whatever you never make any effot to see us all year the least you could do is see us at christmas but whatever then he said something about as never talking to him and i was just like wtf shouldnt the parent be the one to get in contacted with the kids. i was just like whatever you never make the effot. then he was like well i asked you if you wanted to come stay and you where too busy to see me, i text back saying well you left it till last min and i alraedy had plans then you never even asked again, and what about the other 2 (my little bro and sis) or did you forget you have 3 kids? and we ended up having a big argument. after that i just asumed we wouldnt be going there at christmas but then a couple of days before christmas he rang and said that he wants to see us i was just like WTF.
    then we saw him and it was really weird i went like really shy like i do around new people. i could hardly talk. then we went to the beach (i didnt want to go swimming but they(dad bro and sis)made me so i had to swim in a long sleave top then i saw someone i new and they keept asking why i was swimming in a long sleaved top... kinda awkward
    but then when we where about to go home he was like do you guys want to come stay with me on the 3rd i was just like ahhh ummm yea coz for the past 2 or 3 years the only time we have seen him is at christmas so idk im just so confused.
    sorry guys i just need to get that all out