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    so my employer has been harrassing me about going to orientation for work. I have been working there since september and I have yet to go. I rejected the first several dates because of attendance policy at my school and since my dad passed away I was unable to miss the amount of days they demanded. So I told them no and they said ok well lets see about december and January. So they end up scheduling me for orientation in december on the day of my final. But I didnt know this as I make my own schedule and I was not in that week to check my work email. (I work in a psych unit, Irony right?) so I get written up for not attending the orientation I didnt know about. so I finally get word that, "hey, here are you orientation dates I HIGHLY recommend you attend them". and now they are causing me an incredible amount of stress from having to miss class, miss my appointments with my Teachers Assistant which are mandatory, and having to interact with all 4 professors wanting to talk to me about my employer and why I have to miss class and I just want to freaking scream but I cant cause i am in the school library. :( phew. I was typing like lightning there for a second :p thanks for letting me complain.
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