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  1. justmeonlyme

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    ok so im just really pissed off and need to rant
    there is some idiot on youtube and he keeps bad mouthing people with eating disorders he says that eating disorders arnt real diseases and that people just need to get over it and so on and so on and hes taken it futher than talking in general he talks about specific people. no i dont have an eating disorder but i have friends that have had or do have eating disorders and it just makes me sick he speacks about people with eating disorders as if there not people and as if they have no feelings...
    im sorry about this im sure none of you want to hear about it and thats fine i just need to rant abit :)
  2. total eclipse

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    Good for you for ranting what an idiot he is someone needs to knock him one
    some people are so ignorant it is pathetic