Aids cure discovered

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by flyingdutchmen, May 16, 2011.

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  1. flyingdutchmen

    flyingdutchmen Well-Known Member

  2. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    wow that's exciting. but expanding it from this one experience seems a long way off.
  3. Julia-C

    Julia-C Well-Known Member

    Good deal. I am going to investigate this further. Thanks for posting.
  4. Mr Stewart

    Mr Stewart Well-Known Member

    Interesting. Hopefully this leads to a proper breakthrough in potential non-donor non-surgical treatment options as well.
  5. NoMoneyToPlease

    NoMoneyToPlease Banned Member

    Once the cure hits the shelves,the world will come to a halt.

    I don't want to say everybody will be taking it up the ass....but they will.

    Even the nuns in Croatia.

    I never said that though.
  6. Mr. E

    Mr. E Well-Known Member



    Had a chat with a buddy of mine about this. It just means the herpes and hepatitis rate will go up... :dry:

    There's more than HIV out there. Some people seem not to take notice.

    Nonetheless, this is wonderful news
  7. 1izombie

    1izombie Well-Known Member

    This is relevant... the advances in knowledge and know how seems to be gaining the upper hand when it comes to fighting HIV/AIDS.
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