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Ok well this is a strange sort of subject, my mother is a chronic alchoholic and tbh now i think she is properly insane as she speaks to herself. Shes constantly drunk and putting me and my father down, my father is a patient man but she wil lget in his face and constantly put him down and insult him for things which arent his fault to the point where he almost punches her ( he doesnt btw he only ever just pushes her back alittle so she isnt in his face).

Anyway recently i think shes
A) suicidal

And i think she needs some sort of help so she can stop drinking and stop being so abusive :S, is there any sort of insititute in england or something i can just throw her in :S she brings nothing but grief to my family. This is a serious post btw im looking for solutions :S talking to her isnt one as she just says she doesnt have a problem or admits it and then ignores it and says fuck off :S


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if you were in the states i would sujest you hog tie her and drag her kicking and screeming to the nearest rehab clinic...but5 i dont know englands laws on this subject...may try online(google it) or call a local mental heallth clinic...or the police next time she flys off the handel...


An expensive but effective place for Alcohol addiction is the Priory but that is expensive but there should be a Rehab or AA center in Chichester
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