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  1. Izziebabystar

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    what are the symptoms of having your drink spiked??
  2. snowraven

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    The answer to that would depend on what your drink had been spiked with. What kind of symptoms have you had?
  3. Petal

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    Sorry..Ive only seen this thread now.

    My drink was spiked about 2 months ago(I foolishly accepted a drink from a stranger), hmm..I remember him giving me the drink which was a glass of cider,I remember drinking only half of the glass, I don't remember much after that.I remember his hands around my neck and throwing something at thing I knew I was in a police station after been arrested for assaulting police officers(don't remember doing it).So, I guess the only symptoms were memory loss and increased energy(the police said I looked like I had taken 20 ecstacy tablets. I wasn't tested for drugs, but I believe I had been given GHB( liquid ecstacy). I hope that helps x
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