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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Passion, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Passion

    Passion Well-Known Member

    Hello, im not really sure where to post this so i'm posting it here...
    I have a disorder called disassociative identity disorder, or in other words, multiple personality disorder.
    I am in highschool, and so my friends like to have parties and all those highschool things...but there is alcohol at these parties, I love going to parties because I love people and meeting people and talking to people. but one of my other "personalities" has a bad alcohol problem. I wouldnt exactly call her an alcoholic because that would mean the body is dependent on it correct?
    and she (we?) dont drink often...but when she (we?) does (do?) the alcohol intake is well, A LOT.
    I am a pretty big lightweight, so just after one or two beers im pretty much wasted. but im normally not the one drinking, its her, and she will just keep drinking, and keep drinking, and keep drinking, and has gotten us hospitalized for alcohol poisoning.
    after that I thought maybe it would stop because it reached such a bad point and such.. and i went to another party and she took over and drank so much and when i was back i couldnt stop throwing up and shaking and i wanted to go to the hospital but i was too scared to tell my parents again so i just laid in bed all day and tried to keep myself hydrated and such..

    anyways...this is really starting to scare me and im not really sure what to do. god. this makes me feel crazy.
    is there anything I can do?
    also, I have heart problems and probably shouldnt be drinking anyways and im scared that this is going to kill me...
  2. DAMN! That is one unique conundrum!! :blink:

    Either first, or secondly, are you getting any professional help for this disorder (other than being diagnosed, which I assume you have been...) AND, aside from liking to be at parties (which most everyone does), could you not find other avenues were you could meet socially, yet where alcohol is not served/available? (the 'options' may not be as limited as you immediately think...)

    No sense becoming a hermit - yet you need to avoid places and people that will 'trigger' this could well become even more dangerous.
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  3. Passion

    Passion Well-Known Member

    well, heres sorta the problem. my friends have become quite the partiers and so i do have some social occasions in which there is no alcohol around but most the time there will be now. its gotten a little crazy. and i was seeing a therapist but stopped going to her because she didnt help that much. I currently have a friend who went to psychology school and knows hypnosis that is sort of like my therapist. he has gotten an interesting thing going. he hypnotises me to bring out other "personalities".

    but either way, there are other places without alcohol but its more like...once every few weeks i'll get that chance...everyone wants to party. bleh. and even if its not a party there pretty much is alcohol 90% of the time.
  4. Well...fundamentally, you have to make choice - choices that are good for YOU. These are never really easy, and you may have to give up things. But if you're scared, as you say you are - better to side with caution. You may have to curtail some of the activities with your friends, especially as you say, since they're going crazy (which can be harmful to even the 'sanest' of us, using the term loosely!). The pressure to participate is very real, but only YOU can decide if these places and people are putting you in jeopardy. It sounds like that is definitely what is happening...

    As for counseling - I cannot emphasize this enough --you need professional help (even though your friend may mean only the best). From what little I understand, this disorder is often caused by severe trauma that the psyche cannot cope with, and so, divides into different personalities. Part of the process - which incidentally takes a lot of time (there is no quick fix) - is to investigate these factors with someone who has had vast experience dealing with this specific disorder. Again, this is all up to YOU. You need to be brave, because none of this is going to be 'easy'. But I encourage you to follow through on seeking that help...You can start by being 'proactive' and doing a little internet research on this phenomenon so that you may begin to understand it better. This is part of you, and it is the things you don't know that can be very harmful to you. Knowledge is power... I wish you luck!!
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