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Alcohol and Rape?

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When Im drunk I can control myself, i sorta know what Im doing and I dont really get in any trouble. Ive been drinking heavily for years. But a lot of my friends havent, so when we go out they get really drunk and guys take advantage of this, or they buy them loads of drinks so that they are almost paraletic. And when Im out and I see this happening I try and stop it but that doesnt always work. And I know people might say 'oh leave them to it, they want it', but im really not sure they do. My friends kind of try and make out like they arent bothered about it, and people believe it, but I dont. Im not really sure what Im trying to say, but Ive just realised how much this goes on and it disgusts me. If someones drunk, they legally cant consent. Its against the law to try it on with them, yet it happens all the time. Is there any way to stop this? Any UK charities or anything I can volunteer for?
I only just realised the other night how extreme it can be and its really bothering me. Sorry if I seem silly.

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It is very sad this goes on hun god and your right it is illegal to take advantage of someone so intoxicated they cannot consent I would hope each friend would look out for each other that is the safe way Go as a group and watch out for your friends and have them watch out for you hugs


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That doesnt always work.Tonight i was out with friends and this lad saw my friend was drunk and asked her back to his. She said she didnt want to but he kept coercing her and whenever id try to drag her away hed make a nasty comment. I kept trying but he eventually coerced her to go back to hers and im worried about her. I really hate this


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My best advice is for you to talk to your friends when they are 100% sober and ask them if they want you to help keep them from being taken advantage of when they are drunk. Ask them so that they know that you are only looking out for them. Still if it is obvious that they are too drunk to make a decision that will keep them safe then step in and be the friend they will want you to have been after they sober up. They might get mad at you while they are drunk but after they sober up they will understand. I hope that makes sense. I am very sleepy.
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