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  1. becki

    becki Active Member

    i cant stop is a problem .what do i do?xxx
  2. dark&lone

    dark&lone Well-Known Member

    I can relate to you completely. I have been in rehab twice because my alcohol consumption was to high and got me into so much shit at home, work (when i could hold down a job!) and my life. It depends how much help you want. Can you go to your local GP and tell them that you have a drink problem, Talking to smeone close, preferably not a family member as they are emotional attatched and may not give the best reacion, or try to find a Alcoholics Anonymous meeting near you. They are good, Ive been going for 2 years although I am only 6 months sober now. Do you have a Alcohol and Drug service where you live? If so try and see them. Try and grab as much help as you can. Age doesn't matter either about having a drink problem. I was in rehab at 18, and I used my age as an excuse to relapse and it just got worse for me.
    You can PM me anytime, I am happy to help in whatever way I can.

    Good Luck

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