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  1. DelThaFunkee

    DelThaFunkee Member

    I have the tendencies to harm myself from time to time. It's much worse when getting intoxicated. Obviously it's common sense to just stop drinking, then I wouldn't be so careless about my health. On the other hand, drinking and depression go hand and hand. I'm just wondering if this is a case for some of you?.... Where you're more prone to cut/harm when under the influence? Or is it the opposite (a friend said that the alcohol helps him from doing anything to himself)?

    off-topic... is there a picture thread (posting a picture of yourself for example) or something similar in the community? Or does that type of stuff have to be confidential?
  2. DonDen

    DonDen Active Member

    Yeah I burnt myself with cigarettes the other night. I defiantly get more comfortable with it when I have been drinking.
  3. Bigman2232

    Bigman2232 Well-Known Member

    I don't do it because I drink. I drink because I want to do it and a buzz let's me get a little deeper or do it more because it numbs the senses a little. I drank plenty of times and never cut.
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