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  1. summerraine

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    Hi there,
    I just wanted to write something, maybe I need help. I'm drunk right now. It's 9:30pm on a Tuesday night and I have a History midterm tomorrow. I don't know how to stop drinking to feel better. I drink to feel numb, but in reality it really doesn't help much. I used to bring drinks to school, whiskey and soda. I've had drinks hidden in soda bottles, water bottles. I've drank on the bus, in class, bathrooms, at home, in the morning. I think I have a problem but I don't know why I'm trying to convince myself otherwise? I drink almost every weekend, even if it's just myself, and I'm not 21 yet. I'm worried my friends are judging me when I ask them to buy me stuff. I just don't know how to cut down. Because I know if I stop completely I'll relapse bad. I just want to be able to control it. Any advice? Thanks for reading!
  2. suicidalfish

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    Go to an AA meeting
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    There is no such thing as "controlling" alcoholism. If you cannot "not drink" then you will never be able to control it. Go to school / uni counselor and see what resources they have available or as suggested above an AA meeting where peopel can explain to you the why you try to pretend is not a problem. The other alternative is simply don't drink. Stopping drinking may be stressful but not being a drinker will not cause relapses or mental health problems, it will prevent them.
  4. GemmaT

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    Depending on the size of your school, there are likely confidential resources available (health center, counseling/psych services, etc.). AA is option too. I've used these resources (and others) at different times of my life, sometimes not by choice, and I didn't listen to what I need to do until after years of issues caused by alcohol abuse. It doesn't take away from the fact these were good resources.
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