Alice in wonderland

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Supposedly having a little bit of knowledge can be a bad thing. The thing is wth me is that I seem to know little a little something about everything. without ever really grasping the whole issue. I just kinda get the 'jist' of things and get bored of it.

wherever i venture in my mind and whatever pocket of 'wisdom' I find, there are always unanswered questions. nowhere has an end, I just seem to have roads that lead me into the desert or the ice caps. I never quite get to where I set out going because I nit pick all the little aspects of a problem. Then everything unravels and im completely lost. cul-de-sacs. everywhere. One minute Im sorted, but then I realise Ive got another thing to look at. alice in wonderland, indeed:laugh:

I wish there were some things I could unlearn and forget


"Sobriety is a very good thing, when practiced in moderation: but even Sobriety, when carried to an extreme, has its disadvantages." Lewis Carroll (Sylvie and Bruno)


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it's a skill you have. to take things apart and ask questions. loads of people won't ever do that cos it's too scary.
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