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    [Alien ] adj foreign;different in nature;repugnant. n foreigner

    (adverse, foreign, inappropriate, incompatible, opposed, remote, separated, strange, unfamiliar.
    foreigner, outsider, stranger.)

    stranded in confusion
    over why we say ‘hello’
    and raise our eyes to meet
    when all it does is hurt
    and hide behind the makeup
    faces full of lies
    and flawless robot voices
    repeat ‘I’m fine.’
    then wake up and do it over again
    never demanding why.

    are the letters
    on the tip of my tongue
    each morning
    as i descend from my spaceship
    and prepare word-for-painstaking-word
    my well rehearsed monologue
    and blank gaze
    to fool them one more day
    i’m one of them.
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    I like this one very much.:smile:

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