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    Come shoot it in
    Let the games begin
    I fly so high, on pumped up wings
    You'll touch the sky, the angel sings

    Acting like a maniac, out of control
    Seeking isolation, tightening the noose
    My way has led me to a dead end
    All is collapsing behind me
    No way to turn back
    No chance in this place to break free
    No way out
    Need to start all over again
    Before my last chance is taken away

    This ain't no dream
    Like a nightmare's scheme
    No place for me, I sense I'll wane
    Still only me, lonely I'll remain
    Out of this town, lies future's gleam
    You're going down, the devil screams

    You are poison
    Won't go out of my mind
    Cannot hate you
    Cannot love you
    Just get out of here
    I wanna leave you far behind
    For you're my love
    Triggered my hate
    Satanic angel sealed my fate

    Still only me who's crying
    No one to hear my confession
    Leaving this life dying
    I'm jealous, clouded by depression
    Having no love to hold on to
    No one to help me make it true
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.