Alkie "Logic" (*language*)

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  1. Alkie “Logic”

    “Now” feels good, think I’ll celebrate
    “Now” sucks shit, I’m gonna escape
    One drink can’t make things worse
    Ah, one bottle really won’t hurt
    No one knows what I’m going through
    Being alone is nothing new
    What does it matter anyway?
    It’s no one’s business what I do
    This is mine, my private delight
    In a world and life that’s impossible to fight
    Ain’t it terrifying how I can justify;
    “No one gets out of this life alive
    So what does it matter how I die?”
    This distorted, delusional slippery slope
    It ain’t me;
    It’s the booze that can’t cope;
    Always, unkindly, offering me a bit more rope.

    And I say, “I’ll never do anything while I’m drunk
    Cuz I’m only liable to fuck it up”
    But the promise not to, that I made to myself
    Can always be bent, just like everything else
    And that is exactly the very hell if it…
    Whether it’s good or bad
    I just won’t remember it
    Yeah? So what if consequence knocks on my door
    I just won’t answer it, and go drink some more
    Ah, what the fuck, Life’s screwed anyway
    How wrong can it be to want to escape…

    …Except this way ain’t real
    And won’t let me change any of it
    It’s poisoned the best of me,
    And booze will never 'allow' me to quit
    So it’s up to me to scream,


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    :arms: sad poem, but I likes it :yes:
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    I like this very much!
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