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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by such a game, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. such a game

    such a game Guest

    what a joke. support right. support my ass. itz not about support at all. when ppl get shunned for their problems. when ppl get told to get over it or that someone else\\\'s problems are worse. or that someone\\\'s not worthy of help. support when someone\\\'z in crisis my ass. itz funny that the ppl that bitch the most r the onez that do nothin..but bitch. im sick of the lies. sick of the bullshit. why not man up and tell the truth for once in ur god forsaken fuckin\\\' life/
  2. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    Damn, I understand.

    But, wow. What happened?
  3. Spearmint

    Spearmint Well-Known Member

    I understand completely.
  4. such a game

    such a game Guest

    what happened! everything. itz sad u can relate tho thediscarded. it shudn\'t be that way u know. it shudn\'t. i thought that i could come get help for what i thought was a big deal but i now know i was wrong. the site only makes me worse. itz too bad becuz some ppl r nice here but the mass amount only care about themselfs. they only care about what they want and nevere bother to think how otherz might feel. im sorry if u have been at the bad end of this.

    to the people who are all about themselves it will come back and it will take over ur life. i say it and then think mayb not becuz u r all so selfish in thinkin itz all about u. but anywayz i hope it comes back and bites ur arse. i thought ppl here were different but they arent. they r just like ppl irl. they just take and smash othrz feelings. it makes me so mad.

    i no one person who really made me see how it really iz and to that person i hope u wake up and realize how fucked u really are.
  5. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    :hug: I understand. I'm sorry it's like that. But what you've got realize is:

    They are people irl. We're no different here. :dunno: There are some terrific people, and likewise there are some less-than-terrific people. You can't expect more. That's how the ball rolls, regardless of where you are.

    I like to think, however, that for the most part, it's easier here because more people can understand what you've felt/are feeling. I don't know.

    In any case, if it's a disadvantage to you, then remove the negative stimulus. :hug: Don't worry over it. Just either don't let them get to you, or don't return to the pain-source.

    Though, if your issue is a big deal to you, you shouldn't let a few un-worthy individuals hinder you from receiving support. I'm around if you need to talk, and I'll try not to be one of those people who are all about themselves. :smile:

    Hang in there.
  6. savetoniqht

    savetoniqht Well-Known Member

    The ones who care are the only ones who matter.. yeah, a lot of people in this world are selfish and only care about themselves, but there are a ton of people on here who are always willing to listen. There are definitely people to support you here- the ones who only care about themselves will be the ones at loss. (speaking of which you can pm me if you ever need.)
  7. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    I hate liars more than anything in this world!!! :mad:
    Sometimes I think it's best not to trust anyone. ergh
  8. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    i think that lying only starts a downward spiral in things. it's negatives upon negatives and eventually it explodes. much rather have truth.
  9. ItsAShame

    ItsAShame Guest

    I am really sorry you are feeling this way. I too was told by several to just get over it and even that others had problems worse than mine. I was literally told this by several people but got the same impression without the words from others. Three people in particular but I still have many wonderful freinds from here. I couldn't even go in chat without being attacked.
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