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all alone

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by purpleAPY, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. purpleAPY

    purpleAPY Well-Known Member

    can someone IM me?

    im completely alone and just wanna talk to someone, please
  2. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    I've actually never done IM before, would I have to download software, I could I do it from my hotmail account?

    I could pm you?

    hey, hope you are doing ok purple!
  3. In Limbo

    In Limbo Forum Buddy

    Would be happy to talk if you have hotmail, alternatively tell me how to get IM!
  4. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    I don't have AOL IM, so I couldn't IM you

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.