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all i can think about is killing myself.

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I had been with my girlfriend for 2 years (Just celebrated out anniversary)and she broke up with me. she said that she never has time to see her family, friends, do her homework and let alone, see me. I told her that we don't need to see each other a lot we just need to talk every once in a while. but she broke up with me. she was amazing and all i ever thought about was getting married to her and raising a family. i see no point to life anymore and all i can think about is killing myself. I tried in school because I wanted to get a good job to support our family. All I want is to die and I can't think of anything that could be said to change my mind. i just want to die


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Well, I do not know how old you are. But there are always more fish in the sea my friend. Yes it is sad when you are betrayed and lose someone precious. But you cannot let it consume your life. Sounds to me like your girlfriend was not ready for the commitment you had in mind. You should just keep trying. So that way if/when you meet another girlfriend, and you feel the same way about her. You can support the family you dream of making.

I have never had a girlfriend myself. But I have lost a few online friends of whom I was very close too. But instead of focusing on how they betrayed me, I remember how great of a time I had with them. You should do the same. Treasure the good times so you have something too look back on.

I hope you feel a little better.


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we've talked MANY times about how we both share the dream of having a family together which makes me more confused...
Hmm that would be confusing. But maybe she would have been confused on what she wanted at the time. Maybe she is not so sure she wants a family any more.

Look the human mind is weird. And we change our minds. I know I have changed a GREAT deal since I was your age, I assume you are younger than me. And you will change too, change is good.


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Im in the same position as you, my friend.It definitely IS confusing when somebody says one thing then does another.It's unfair, it really is.Its not having any regard for another persons feelings, let alone someone they claimed to have loved at one point.

Im not going to bullshit you like some on this forum will....it may get better with time and maybe it wont , but atleast give yourself that time , that option.Dont make any rash decisions without first having a clear head.

take care
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