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all i can think is, "if i had died 2 years ago none of this would have happened"

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2 years ago i tried to kill myself and i went to treatment for months and i never really felt too much better and lately i'm losing everybody and everything and i'm not even super sad i just don't want to be around to watch everyone walk away and i dont wanna go through this anymore i just dont want to feel anything anymore so im close to turning to drugs to ease the pain and no matter what i do life doesnt seem worth living i just don't want to.
Hey amber
I understand that feeling of everything being to damn difficult, I'm sorry you seem to feel that way too.. it's unbearable isn't it.

In what way are you losing everyone hon? Can you explain a bit more? I know it is really difficult when you lose people, but this doesn't mean you should give up, you need to keep fighting and prove to the people who have walked away that actually you CAN do this. It's not easy, and it's gonna take time but I believe you can do this.

If the treatment you received didn't help before, maybe you weren't ready for it. And even if you were, there are MANY types of different treatments that you can try, one of them is bound to work for you. Are you on any medication? Maybe that is something worth looking into.

Please don't turn to drugs. I know it seems the easy option, but it doesn't make your problems disappear, they will all still be there, and on top of that you will have another problem by taking drugs. It won't solve anything hon.

Please keep posting and letting us know what is going on for you. Take care


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I amber ihate it when people leave too it is so painful. Ihope you can stay here and talk with us You can pm me Can you talk to your doc let him or her know how sad and hurt you are feeling Sometimes just talking helps I am glad you are here and that you got help I hope you continue to get help okay to heal even more hugs
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