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i am terrified of dying alone..and if i had a friend who was willing to be by my side to let me know that im loved when i killed myself, i would do it, because the thought of dying alone makes each second a living hell:sad:
just a thought


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Ray, I will be your friend but i dont want you to die.

PM me if you ever want to talk, i'm always here to listen x


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Hmmm.... well that is an interesting request...:huh:

I mean the very thing that will keep me from wanting to die is to have a close friend, in real life, who will hold me and make me feel loved....

I do not fear dying alone.. I have come to accept it. Hence forth why I want to die in the first place.... why wait 70 years to die alone when I can just do it now.

But each to their own:rolleyes:
I've always wondered why people are so afraid of 'dying alone' when it's their own lives that matter. If you had a fullfilling life, then you wouldn't give two shits about death. The fear of death; madness. Rather, don't worry about the inevitable, worry about living; it's the real thing that counts.


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A friend might be willing to stand by you when you die, but I know it would be a different story in the case of suicide. i would definitely seek help for you rather than letting you go. I would want you to stay around as my friend. I have experience here and would be willing to talk to you about it if you would like. PM me. Stay safe hun. :hug:


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hi there

i agree that having someone beside you through life is a better choice.. do you want to talk about that has you so depressed... and please hang on to that fear.. it is keeping you alive ... hugs
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