All I see in your eyes...

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by brokenandlonely, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. brokenandlonely

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    I slowly glance in your eyes and see anger, pain and hurt
    I see the want for revenge on the world that looks down on every move you have made
    Always stared and judged while even trying to fit in the background
    As we see there are lives which are worse but yet you hate all there is because of the past
    Your past, your mistakes
    The ones that can never be let go, no matter how far you run and scream.

    I look at your soulless eyes which show a lack of emotion
    How much longer can one go like this?
    Always running yet staying in the past and not seeing the future ahead
    Who are you?
    You aren't just one single person
    You are all the people that you share a personality from
    Everyone that you have met, tried to be like or wanted to be like

    Every little bit is like the person you are
    You have nothing of your own
    Lost in a dark shadow of doubt
    I mean no insult or want to patronize you
    I don't want to make you feel any worse than you already feel and do

    Through all the thoughts, all the emotions, all the feelings
    I slowly open my eyes and realize I was looking at myself in the mirror....
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    Harry :hug:
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    Hey dude, i really really really like this. I feel a lot of my own emotions spilled out though your words. its freaking awesome. :)
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