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All I want is to disappear!

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I feel very low, empty, it is so depressing watching how my life is passing by while I keep feeling invisible and so suicidal.
Then I feel guilty because I feel so selfish for wanting to end my days, then my life seems so heavy that all I want is to disappear. Can anyone tell me how to do it????? maybe write in a private message


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I'm sorry. I definitely know how you feel. It makes me wonder, why the fuck am I even on this planet? Sorry, I don't want to make you feel worse. Maybe it helps to know that others are in the same boat.


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Pollo, we are all here because we either feel like that or we have done at some time before. You know we can't discuss methods on here. It's a support forum.

Are you still in the hospital?



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I think too many members here can relate exactly to how you are feeling. It's so frustrating and emotionally draining. So hun keep posting. Share with others that understand. It can help you it really can. Just getting all that negative out and in the open in a place where no one is going to judge or belittle your feelings. :arms:
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