All it's gonna take is that ONE day

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Aurora Gory Alice, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Aurora Gory Alice

    Aurora Gory Alice Well-Known Member

    That one day, when you are either too drunk or too high to know what you are doing and what is going on.

    That one day when you know you should know better but you don't and then you attempt and it works.

    I cannot WAIT for that day.
  2. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    Sometimes I don't know any better when I am sober. I can relate though, it will just take that one time. When I go out on a rash impulse and do it and succeed even if I don't really want too.
  3. iitywygmah

    iitywygmah Member

    If only it was that easy, I will always know completely what is going on, I am allergic to alcohol and it is very, very difficult for me to keep any form of medication down.
  4. ASolitaryBlue

    ASolitaryBlue Well-Known Member

    me too
  5. K-On

    K-On Well-Known Member

    Same here
    for me it means im finally set free and able to escape from this cage im trapped in. It will be the best feeling i'll ever have.
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