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All my fault?

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Today, my friend got called to the front office. She came back crying and I asked her what was wrong, and she told me her friend had died. A few moments after that my teacher came back crying because her mother-in-law passed away. Everytime I'm around somebody, someone they know dies, and I think its all my fault. And this one time I told my friend I was sorry and he asked why? and I just said I was sorry. The next day he had a panick attack and had to go home. Another day I woke up and it was beautiful outside so I thought to myself todays a good day to die. A little later when I said that we got a phone call my mom's friend had passed away. I think it's all my fault, it usually is.
Don't worry kiddo. The thing you're suffering from is the case of coincidence. It does suck that all those people are dying around you, but there's no possible way that you existing is the cause for them.

total eclipse

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No nothing you did or said took these people away it was either medical reasons or accidental or just old age not your fault just no way
How could it be your fault? I seriously doubt you have magical death powers. Don't blame yourself; you're not responsible and it doesn't do any good. Many horrible things happen by chance or forces beyond our comprehension.
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