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All night long....all night long

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I am embarrassed to share this, but I don't give a **** now. I did not wake up until 4 pm yesterday. I logged on to PC at 4:30 pm and ended up staying awake all night. I need to go to the store and am waiting for it to get light out.
I have to pick up meds at store and get foods.

I thought I once had it all together. I was loved. I had others that loved me back. Where did it all go? You are supposed to depend on those that are there for you. So what happens when they are gone or die? Why do they leave you? Why couldn't I be one of those strong, tough, confident individuls in life that did not need someone to depend on. Why couldn't I know that I AM A GOOD PERSON inside of me????


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People move on. You have to be strong and accept the change. People leave for different reasons. They die, move, leave you for someone else, ect. ect. ect...

Nights are really tough when you're alone. I know this from experience. My only advice is to try your best to get through the nights, it's always a little better in the morning. Loved ones and friends will come and go, just make sure you're there to experience it.


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That is very correct. I am finally starting to grasp that.
Part of it involves the trust and betrayl factors that were there.
We must know that evem with our illness or depression, we are
still okay people.

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