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    i swear i have an issue for every forum here, everyday is so hard to get though, i always have this one guy on my mind, this guy that i thought was perfect for me and i thought he cared about me but because i didnt tell him how i feel he left, he knew , he had too, i thought i made it clear but not clear enough i guess and he left just like everyone else and today so bad like every end of month at my job is, i fill in for a chick that has been at the company for like 6 yrs , ive been there less than a yr and then whenever somone one brings me something im not able to do they look at me like :blink: WTF do u want from me i cant do it, i dont now hoe , i cant fucking take my life there is no aspect of my life and i mean NONE that i find any sort of joy in, IM ALONE, i wish i hd him and i wished he stayed but he didnt, he made me feel so much better when he was here, even the bad days at work were better because he would call me but now no one calls NO ONE at all and im alone and i so want someone to talk to but there is no one and im just so angry at myself for letting my life get this way, i dont know what i can do to make it better, :sad: im just so tired, i know this post was all over the place but i just cant ever talk about one thing cause everything in my life is SO FUCK UP!
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    Hey you get it out how ever you need to ok? And you have lots of people here to talk to. Keep posting no matter how scattered you think it may be. When your life is all over the place you cant be expected to keep your head or your thoughts together!!!! You didnt let your life get that way all by yourself either. So people that really didnt care or undertand helped get you here. Now let people that do understand try to help you get past it.
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    hey sweetie....gee...when i read your thread, a lot of it sounded like i wrote it myself! good is SO tough and so lonely...isn't it?

    sometimes all we can do is keep reaching out - holding on to others until we get strong again - so you are doing the right thing. keep doing it. lean on us, on me..

    somehow we'll all make it.... pm if you want to talk xxxxx:console: