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all over the place

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my emotions are all over the place - sitting busy one second then crying uncontrollably the next - calm one moment then full of rage

i don't feel in control of myself and it's really scaring me

how am i supposed to make it from one day to the next when i can't move from one minute to the next?

worse when i'm alone - commuting, lunch, in bed at night

times i feel like i'm invisible - no one can see me

not sure i want anyone to see me

nothing left to look at


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don't believe this

mgr - same one who has hung a target on my back - wants me to update my contact info and give them my cell phone

i am very selective on who i give that number to and neither he nor the company is high on my list

i am the only one in the department who does not have a company-issued cell phone - was asked to give it back years ago

i am SO FUCKING ANGRY about this

they want me available 24/7 they can give me a freaking blackberry like everyone else otherwise they can just fuck off

he needs an emergency number he can call 911
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