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All right, that does it...

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It really makes no more sense...

How many times have I said to myself it's all going to sort out, but it's not getting better, everything makes me depressed... I mean, I thought my life sucked two years ago, and I hoped it would get better... A lot of things got better, but that didn't make me happier at all... :dry:

The only thing that can really calm depression and anxiety down is thinking about suicide... :sad: I know it's just bad, but I really can't help it... How could anyone help it, I really can't imagine how it could change... I was suppressing frustrations because I hoped I'm going to do something good with my life, but it's just getting more painful... I want to get it over with...

Soon a nice thing's going to happen, nothing weird, it's just a dull hobby... For a month or two I was telling myself to keep it on, at least to see that... Well, so, now I feel like I will really have nothing nice to look forward to later...

Really... I'm so desperate... :blub:
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Hey there,

Hun i know your proberbly not gonna believe me right now, but things do have a way or working themselfs out, it can take a long time but it will wort out eventually.

If you give in now then your'll never know what could of been. If you do anything rash your just giving into temptation, the best thing to do is prove your strong, which i believe you are because you've made it this far. Hang in there, you can get past this, i know its hard and it seems a scary thought right now but things will get better, just give it some time.

Take care

Vikki x


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You just have to have faith and take baby steps. One day at a time. Just focus on a single task that you enjoy and go from there. It does get better.
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