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    I have been reading a few dating sites and reading endless things about how to attract girls but i just started thinking to myself i don't really like all this stuff. Some say love isn't real and all that but i don't believe in all that stuff. I don't believe you have to constantly watch your back and never let your guard down in life, who wants to live like that. Im a nice guy so i don't do so well with girls but sometimes i wonder why i even care about getting girls. I mean as long as i find someone before i die i'll be fine. But this whole getting a girl thing has been the theme of my life since i was in preschool and now its like. They don't like me. Im just tired of this whole trying to get a girl theme now, i still want a girlfriend but the whole theme is tiring and boring. Im going all over online asking for advice but no one will give it to me, no one has any answers and now the whole thing is just stupid now. Im not going to do all this seduction and secret technique stuff just to get a girl, thats too much work. Not only that but you have to use alot of improvising and making up interesting topics on the spot. Im no good at that. Anyways another thing thats been bothering me is my mom's religon. Well its kind of mine but not really. Im unsure if God is real but if he is doesn't that mean he's always watching me. I don't think im comfortable with someone always watching me forever. It seems kind of creepy, but it's just something that came to me while i was thinking. Its like all these bad thoughts are filling my head to stress me out.
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    If you can just be yourself, you'll be well ahead of the game. Be yourself and stop worrying so much. People tend to see through the "disguises others wear to try and impress them. Sooner or later, the truth comes out. So just be yourself. I'm assuming you are quite young. Enjoy your life and worry about girls and dating when you have the time to do that. I'm 42 and recently divorced. But let me tell you, what you think is important for a relationship or attract a girl when you're young means next to nothing when you get older. All I look for in a person is the real them. And someone who is happy with just being themself. It shows maturity to me. So like I said earlier, just be yourself. Then if nothing else you won't have to question if the girl likes you or just something she believes to be there. Good luck.
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    Never forget that girls are people too, girls are all different, and 9 out of 10 times those "tips" on the internet are all bogus and wouldnt work in real life. Girls arent wanting a specific "type" of man. And I think the more you stress over how much you'd like a girl, the less likely the chance is that it's gonna happen. They say the love bug bites you when you least expect it, and I take that to be true. Remember sitting around at home all day isnt going to find you a girl, she wont just come knocking on your door.
    If you ever want some advice, ask me.