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All these things that I love...

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by bluewail, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. bluewail

    bluewail Well-Known Member

    this is more for me than anyone else, but here's some things that make me happy and help me remember i'm alive and alright really. some are kind of private jokes that won't make any sense to anyone else. others are cheesy cliches that happen to be true. feel free to add your own list.

    > the fact that i'm now singing 'all these things that i've done' by the killers. if you can't hold on, if you can't hold on, hold on....
    > amelie! this list makes me think of that. and the correct way to break a creme brulee. :yes:
    > random messages that you find long after they've been left. like msn messenger when you've been offline. or the backs of old postcards. or notes on the fridge.
    > watching the sky change colour in the mornings
    > barnstable! (and therefore rotchdale!) :tongue: thanks em, you're my beautiful pie, though you'll never read this
    > suede. i even like how it's pronounced. swaaaayde. (and now scones and scallops for the same reason. posh people don't have to be bothered to open their mouths. this is why i love my dad really.)
    > ladybirds when they crawl along my finger like the bounty advert
    > when the shape of the pillow fits the shape of my head exactly
    > egg yolks
    > any excuse to wear a fake moustache!
    > 'fingers of god' :laugh: thanks claire, though you'll never read this either
    > my cat's loyalty, i'm the only one he'll sit on happily, despite 'the cat that walked by himself' (steven_scotland, i want to send that to you. i've forgotten why) actually everything about my cat
    > presents for no reason. but then, doesn't everyone like this? i really love my purple and red candle holder. thanks again victoire, though you'd also never read this
    > fabric fabric and fabric. i'm ridiculously in love with this green with a black paisley pattern.... so in love. and my flowery dress just like the one that someone wore to interview george clooney :rolleyes:
    > doing slightly naughty stupid things that you usually tell yourself not to do though you'd like to really. changing locks; swapping seats in the cinema; worshipping the floral sheep; raw salmon
    > the telescope at greenwich. i nearly cried.
    > pigeons cooing outside my window when i'm curled up in bed

    oh that'll do for now... i hear egg yolks calling me for breakfast.

    my point is that if you can just find one small thing to make you smile, then maybe you can let it help you laugh at everything else. :biggrin:
    never take anything for granted. ever. ever ever ever.
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  2. BlackPegasus

    BlackPegasus Well-Known Member

    You know that song from the Sound of Music and My Favorite Things? Well years ago when I was going through a hard time I started singing that and writing down all my favorite things and it actually worked. Goes to show the affect of positive thinking. I don't know what drove me to do it. I wonder why I can't do it now, but then my situation is far more serious. Still you'd be surprised how much making lists like this can help. Thanks for the reminder. :)
  3. fragilelittlething

    fragilelittlething Active Member

    One day I was SU so I told myself that if I could write a 100 reasons to live, I wouldn't do it. I came up with 200. They were mostly five senses type of things...like the way it feels to curl up in bed after a nice cool shower, the way it smells outside after it rains, how rain looks when it runs in trails down the windows, ect. Silly things that make me feel happier. :tongue:

    Making lists like that really help. :smile:

    "Any excuse to wear a fake moustache!" :laugh:
  4. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    Aww... your ladybird comment raised a smile. i can imagine that. can't recall the last time I saw a ladybird... I love 'em.
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