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  1. a failure
    a fault
    a problem
    unable to repair

    my face
    my soul
    my hate
    no control

    i've tried to push
    but all i do is knock myself down
    i've tried to forget
    but it only hurts me more

    my hands shake when i think of you
    my breathe grows short when i dream of you
    i thought i could hate you
    think of you as a mere thorn

    but the truth is
    that is merely a reflection
    of what i am

    a thorn
    a thistle
    a pain
    end this
    destroy me
    tell me
    to leave you

    i love you still
    despite what i've done
    still need you
    no matter what has fallen

    forgive me
    pardon me
    hate me
    loathe me

    because i'm worth it
    every drop of blood.
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Thread Status:
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