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allergic to meat

morning rush

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I think I'm allergic to meat, I've always eaten meat as far as I can remember, and I've also had bowel problems, had pains to empty the bowels...and couldn't go into the subway without getting out in a hurry at a station and look for a bathroom or I would poop in my pants (which happened alot and is very humiliating) I was resigned to wear diapers at 28....

but then in december last year I decided to be vegetarian...I stopped eating meat and the pain went away...the poop doesn't pressure to come out with this unimaginable pain...then I was going through a hard time and thought it might be the lacking of meat so I started to eat meat again...the pain came back and again every time I used the damn metro(subway) I would have to go out and hurry to a bathroom before the poop would come out in my pants...

so now I'm back to vegetarian...and again it has gone away....

anyone can relate to what I'm saying? am I the only one who can't eat meat?


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I am looking into become vegetarian. I need to get out of my parent's house to do so. I will let you know after a few years.

Sorry I can't tell you yes or no right now. But it would be interesting to hear other's input.

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