Almost all people are evil inside

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Yeah they act like they're not in everyday life. But MOST of them are. When I was in primary-middle-high schools, not only I was being bullied by too many people, but also the people who did not bother to bully would taunt or tease me if they got an opportunity. For example, when I was walking outside of the school building, some kids I know from other classes(but only talked to me 1 or 2 times, maybe never) would just point me with their finger and say something like(not in English) "hey look at xxx(put my name here) HAHAHA" and laugh like that without a reason. There were so few students who never said or did anything bad to me despite being with me in the same class. And I've never did or said anything bad to ANYONE. Yeah I think most people are just evil by their nature. I'm an atheist but sometimes I think that there's an evil god who created evil mankind in his own image. By the way I have Asperger's syndrome(self diagnosed), my speech and posture is just a little awkard. So I guess that was a reason for them to show their true evil face to me. I'm still seeing two of my friends from school(they're actually my closest friends),they're very social but they've never made fun of me, not even 1 time in their life. Sometimes I feel like I owe them for that alone.


Yeah they act like they're not in everyday life. But MOST of them are.
the scary thing is that IF most people really are "evil" inside in some way [as demonstrated by their own behavior] then as those people grow up and become adults then that 'evil' quality inside them doesn't go away by itself does it?
it merely gets sort of suppressed through the process of socialization: the only reason they don't act on their evil urges is because it's not socially acceptable, if it was, then they would act on it like back in school. So most of the "normal"-looking adults you see on the streets every day belong to this same class of 'evil'-type humans. The potential for that evil to come out is still there, lurking dormant.

Nowadays I try to cultivate empathy & compassion, but I remember when I was in middle-school not only did I get bullied by some kids, but I actually tried to harm others, especially 1 kid who never had any friends or 'protection'. It disgusts me to remember my own 'evil' behavior, it was so 'automatic' and instinctual, uncontrolled. I think we're just screwed up animals :(


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"There's so much good in the worst of us,
and so much bad in the best of us
that it's hard to know which of us
ought to reform the rest of us." :smile:

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There is always good, and always evil. However, the extent of that "evil" you see in others is heavily influenced by their environment, family, what they learned from others. No one is born "evil", it's a cycle of observational learning. Criminal behavior is spread like a disease from one person to the next. Those with good parents and friends will generally grow up to be good people. Those with neglectful parents, siblings, or bad friends will be more likely to harm others or themselves.

So, it is my belief that much more education should be developed around Psychology and more funding put into programs teaching psychology of parenting and relationships available for free to the public. Healthy social environments and good education are absolutely vital elements for our children. Otherwise, society tends to breed more criminals (and yes, bullying is an example of criminal behavior, though on a smaller scale than that of illegal crimes)
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I agree that the majority of humanity is "evil". I don't believe that most humans
possess the same degree of depravity as, say Jeffery Dahmer or Idi Amin. Of course not.

Most people are much more subtle about it. No, they don't want to bash your brains in or eat you, they're quite satisfied to just cheat you or take advantage of you. Maybe all they want to do is steal your credit card number or run you off the road. Maybe all they want to do is start rumors about you at work. Who knows, the possibilities are endless.

No, most people are much more similar to Kenneth Lay ( Enron scandal ) than
John Wayne Gacy ( serial killer ). And whether or not "evil" is too strong of a term to describe this human quality, I rarely drop my guard around others....why be an easy target?
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