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Almost got caught.....

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I have worked in the pharmacy industry and also drug/alcohol rehab.
I have and know the RX i need but went to get something a little more sure and ran into someone at the same store. They said nothing about the xxxx in the cart. Traveling to the east coast by car. I need to make a decision and quit talking and thinking. I have been glued to the movie THE FINAL DESTINATION 1-2-3-4---I need to go that quick.
This is a very personal thing for me.
I did talk to a friend and they suggested a hospital in Texas---deals with trauma, addiction,self-harm, PTSD...etc.
I have already been to so many hospitals and worked in this helping field---I think that is where the hoplessness comes from....
I have always been the one that helps others and I have nothing left but to starve myself and sleep etc...
I need to make the decision----I feel stupid even sharing this----I CAN'T be a coward on this one. I hope I can go home to God or whoever...:cake::cake::cake::cake:


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Have you been to the movies to see the new final destination that's out?? My daughter keeps begging to go, but I'm like, no, they are all just going to end up dead. I admit I do like those movies, but I like a happy ending all just the same. I hope you have one, and don't do something like this. If I could take your emotional pain away for you, I would..


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Please do not do anything. It's a sign that you ran into your friend that's natures way of saying please do not do anything that will hurt you.
Please don't.
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