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    Well, here I am again. I thought it was silly you cannot get rid of your account and such but strangely enough it was nice seeing I'm already logged in when I came here again. There is so much I wish I could do but everytime I find myself not being able to because of the hurt and pain inside. I'm tired of crying all the time for no reason. I am so tired I just want to sleep and never wake up again. I faked being happy through Christmas but I do not feel any happiness. I do not want to go through yet another year. I have no hopes and no dreams left. I'm always exhausted. I am not sure what hearing voices is like. I guess it's not that for me. But I do have this inner voice I'm sure is a very bad habit of talking negative to myself and reminding myself of the bad things in my life I do not want to think about. I cannot control it and it''s so loud. I say to it to leave me alone. I feel like I'm going insane. I can no longer see a future for myself. I know it will be painfull to commit suicide. But I am almost ready for it. I just want to be sure I succeed. I failed so much in life. I am scared of what happens after I die. I'm ready to take a chance because I know what living will be like and I cannot do that.
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    Pleased you have recognised that these unwelcome 'inner voices' are tormenting you and are telling you nothing but negative things that you do not deserve to experience.
    You do not yet know what 'living will be like' for the future, please don't lose hope.
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