alone again

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  1. back home

    better? i suppose

    rested? a bit

    happy? not a chance

    i slept for pretty much 24 hours straight, dashing around the fantasy world, the most bizarre things that now won't quite rise to the top of my conscious memory.

    reality seems so paltry in comparison, so dull, static, everything just is, why is that? why is it all so fixed? i'm falling in love with a world where life is awake and fluid, where everything just seems "better" senses awakened "i never noticed how wonderful this book smelled before".

    I think i'm watching myself turn into a drug addict and it doesn't really bother me, better that than the alternative right? the big D word that everyone is so afraid of.

    My thoughts are wandering again, they do that, too long without taking my "happy pills" my chemical blinkers, as they are. I guess I should shut up now, no one wants to hear the ramblings of a mad man.
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    If you consider me to be nobody then nobody wants to hear it, hun :hug:
    Talk to us, vent.

    I'm here to listen :hug: