alone and unable to quit.

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    sorry you people have to read another one of these posts. :rain::snow:

    been some time since i posted in this section, tried to find the right words to put down.

    not sure how to deal with life , i can't opt out because of family , i'm not afraid to do it , its just because i'm embarrassed of what people will think. i'm alone , no friends , no gf , no love. just me , only me. all my friends have moved on or don't want to hang out . i wish i had someone close to tell them how depressed i am but there's no one , i can't tell my family nor want them to ever find out. i have crap of motivation to succeed in life but i wish i did . i have no idea what i want to become in life , 23yrs of age and i haven't started college. all i do is work but even that is miserable and depressing , there's so much back stabbing and unfairness there . i can't even move up .

    the only way i usually pick myself up is just thinking about of my little nieces , i love those little rugrats but i can't keep using them as a cheat sheet to feel better. no idea what to do , i keep wishing someone will just murder me by busting a cap in my ass or die by some asshole plowing into me or anything at all will do. i have nothing , NOTHING to lose.
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    What will give you motivation to live your life?