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Alone in a world full of people

I try desperately to make a GF but I can't seem to find one. So I try online since my social anxiety gets in the way.

I'm smart even though my grammar sucks. I tutor 9 different classes in computer information systems and take computer science. I don't do drugs, alcohol, or drink. And for obvious reasons I am disease free.

I think I am handsome. Maybe it's my weight.

Whats wrong with me?
Absolutely nothing.
Maybe dont look so hard, it can be like the not seeing the woods for the trees.
All you can be is you, be nice to you and others too.
You will meet her, by being a nice man it will attract attention, no doubt about it.
Have to be content in your own company first though, think about it............ if you are not, it will make you seem desperate( ring any bells?) and that sure isn't an attractive trait.
Beauty comes from within, let it shineout and the people you want in your life will come to you and bask under its glow.

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