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Alone In The Dark


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does anyone else have those thoughts creep in when they lay alone in the dark? when you have pain either physical, emotional , or both. you have a pretty good day until it's just you and your pain. a pretty lonely place to be...mike


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Sometimes, yeah. I often tend to keep myself up later than I should, so that by the time I go upstairs to lie down I'm more likely to be able to fall asleep quickly.

*hug You're not alone though, even if that's how it feels.
That's same for me. I love tuning into the silence and absence of everything, and having nothing to do . Many times I've wanted to just stay there instead of facing the day with all its noise and activity.
There is also this weird sense of accomplishment at that time that I have survived another day. Certainly no way to ‘live’ but personally that is my reality....maybe it will change some day...hopefully.

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