Alone In The Woods

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  1. My friend asked me to write about a few things, so I started a blog, but I am not going to give the link (if you really want it, pm me) I am really posting this because to has helped me so much that it would be almost morally wrong to not pass this stuff on. Maybe this will not appeal to you at all, or perhaps it may resonate with you so much that you explore these things more and more and see what happens.

    Ok, here goes.....

    Alone In The Woods

    something happened,

    trapped, almost, holding my breath, feels so close but if we take memory as ‘real’, past as an indicator of what might happen in the future, it will collapse, as always, then re-build, then collapse, and on and on. What is the end of suffering? I will put one definition out there for complete liberation, Moksha, the end of samsara, freedom, nirvana, perfect contentment, Absolute peace (as in it is not caused by something relative) or whatever you want to call it, as defined by the Upanishads is; “Freedom from the dependance on objects”

    If, freedom from the dependance on objects (gross objects, and subtle objects such as thought, memory and sensations) is liberation, then how exactly does one become free from dependance on them? Vedanta has a 1000s of years old highly systematic way of going about this, and there is the related (still under the Vedanta ‘umbrella’) ‘Direct Path’ popularized by Shri Atmananda Krishna Menon (if you can find it, I encourage you to get a copy of Atma Darshan) and brought into the 21st century by Western non-dual teacher Greg Goode (arrrgghh these labels are horrible, and at the final step, all labels and concepts must/will be transcended anyway, including the teaching itself [‘Vedanta’ is the end of the Vedas, it means the end of the path’] but these words are useful if not needed at a certain point in the teaching, depending on where you think you are).

    There are lots of methods out there. Which is the ‘right’ path to take? Who to listen to? if you are reading this you have probably heard about Self-Inquiry, possibly as popularized by Ramana Maharishi (many of his devotees claim this to be the most direct route to freedom) or you may know it more extensively as Jnana Yoga which has always been a fundamental part of the path of Advaita Vedanta which asserts that for true Moksha, liberation, knowledge of Self (which involves discrimination between that which comes and goes and that which never moves) and abidance as Self (standing as Awareness, is a popular term) is what must take place, not experience. Enlightenment is not a mind-blowing cosmic-all-is one-trippy-peak experience. It is the direct knowledge of who you are. Though in the end, speaking from the Absolute level, there is no difference between knowledge and experience.

    – As a side note, the whole “Who am I?” question seems to me, anyway, to have been greatly misunderstood. It is not a mantra as Ramana himself made clear. You simply need to know how to conduct the inquiry properly, and of course that starts with knowing what to look for. One other point that is brought up by a lot of traditional Vedanta teachers is that, who you are is no big secret, true self-inquiry is just that, inquiring into the very nature of Self.

    For example, your inquiry might start off something like; To Whom do these thoughts come? If there is no individual separately existing entity then who is perceiving these thoughts, who is saying these words or asking this question? If I am aware of thought then who am I that is aware? I must be prior to thought because it is known to me, but then who would be asking this question now? Where do the questions come from? Who sees even this? Can the Seer be Seen?

    One of the qualifications for studying traditional Vedanta and part of this Sadhana, if you would like to call it that, is the discrimination between what is ‘real’ and what is not.

    One definition for what is ‘real’ as per Advaita Vedanta is that which cannot be negated.

    That which comes and goes is not it, so that includes feelings, emotions, sensations, thought, memory etc. because not any one of those objects are there all the time.

    There is however something that never changes, never moves, never goes anywhere, never does anything, is prior to everything, is the potentiality for everything, is completely impersonal, the source, the Self, that which is looking through your very eyes. It is none other than You.

    Mind will not rest until it finds source. It is constantly looking for this source of self-awareness. The problem is that mind keeps misidentifying what that source is; it thinks that it is coming from something physical.

    So the best thing to do is just be still, be quiet, don’t move, and whatever mind puts up just let it pass, don’t follow the thought, don’t chase it, just allow the thoughts to blow through and don’t even watch them, because that itself is a very subtle trick of mind, and is what is keeping you from just Being That.

    I don’t think anyone will ever read this, but if you stumble across this and some of this is resonating with you then I highly encourage you to start watching your mind. It truly is the most subtle object. And doubts will probably arise as well, so be prepared for that, and when the doubts do come, just realize its only mind and every thought, no matter how profound is just as unsubstantial as every other thought or sensation. REMEMBER; source is not a void, or nothingness, it is the potentiality for everything, and it turns out to not just be the end of suffering but it is Absolute Bliss, or Satchitananda (Being-Consciousness-Bliss)

    Could it be that all that is needed is a shift in perspective? come back to the space in between your thoughts. It all has to do with where you put your Awareness. In the words of someone who I have never met personally but has helped me take the final step, the last step; “shift the Awareness unto that which is shifting the Awareness”
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