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Alone now

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i feel it most too when im alone. maybe music helps. i dunno. im listening to music now so i can drain out the voice in my head, telling me this is the chance not to be miss.
screw music. gives me a headache.

u stay on here, keep talking and by the time u realize,the day is almost over, ur bf's home and u have get thru another day. it kinda works for me. i come on here and mostly read. keeps my buzy & tired, then off to sleep and the day starts again. i dont do much but at least im nt killing myself. bloody murder, not even suicide. what can i say? i have got a evil voice in my mind.


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If your hearing voices call and move up your due date with your pdoc.. They have meds that help with the voices.. I know because I am on them,..They work pretty good.. I still see shadows sometimes..
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