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Alone on a Friday night

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i know the feeling there

just waiting but the call is never going to come

sounds like a simple plan song

cant remember which one

i think it is i'm just a kid
Well, it seems to be representing "freedom" of responcibility...friiday night is like celibrating you don't have to do anything..your free to screw off and things like that....but then if you don't find things to do you are alone because others are gone doing something and you are stuck at home.......what it is for me. :hug:




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Well its saturday night here.. and i have Mel.. and im determind not to sleep, have to stay up incase Katie or Pecky needs to talk.. night is so... amazing? i dont know the word for it.. Alone at night. That can make you feel amazing. Or it can make you feel terrible.. i guess it depends on the circumstances.. Take care all x
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