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Alone on new year's eve...

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Yeah, another new year's eve alone, only me and my remote controller in front of the TV, I'm so f****** ashamed... Someone else having the "big party" alone?
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I'm alone with my parents but i've been with them for 16 years so they're not much company or entertainment... I wanted to go to a party or something but i'm an Outcast where I live, so thats not possible.

Glasses of Champagne, TV remote control (Jool's Holland), tears running down my eyes and day-dreaming about what I could have been and what I could still probably be, for me. -.-

Happy New Year, I guess. I don't see anything happy about it though.


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I will also be spending new year's eve by myself, but that's the way I want to spend it. Just me and my animals.:smile: Maybe a little chat party would be cool.:smile: I don't want to be, and have to travel to, any parties as I'm not all that fond of big loud parties. I'd rather be home with my animals watching a favorite movie and not having to be out driving with all the drunks.:mad: :blink:

I used to find amusement in such events but not anymore. I now celebrate much more quietly:wink: and enjoy it just as much if not more.

love to all,

I think it would be great to meet up in chat tonight. I am here with my kids, but they really don't want Mom hanging around with their friends. :hug:
I have no real plans for celebrating, but that's okay. I'm still not totally convinced Christmas is over yet! My family and I will probably play games together...


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Me too - i really hate new years. Why did I quit drinking? That would be a good way to spend the night - getting drunk.


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For some reason New Years eve is the most difficult day of the year for me. It just reminds me that another year has passed and nothing in my life has changed. The same tears in my eyes, the same pain i went through last year, and the year before and the year before. So many people my age out there enjoying their youth and celebrating life, while im sitting here alone conteplating death. Its a challenge just trying to make it past this day. It hurts so much. The loneliness is so unbearable.
Whats new years without Jools Hollands hootenanny :unsure: Ug, was kinda hoping to find out. Oh well never mind, was determined to be all positive about this new year but oh well maybe things will look brighter tomorrow :smile: Merry New Year everybody!


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I'm all alone too. I was just crying alone about how pathetic I feel right now. I could try to kill myself... but I can't. It probably wouldn't work anyway.


I was trying to think about places to go. Then I realized I have absolutely no one to go with. The few people that appear to care about me are not available. :sad:

I feel for anyone that is alone today.


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I am alone as well. The feelings of despair have not been this bad in a long time. I wish I could just kill myself, but I can't. I just don't know how much longer I can put up with this.

It really is the ultimate proof of me having no life or anyone that cares about me. Alone on New Years. What a loser...
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